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Alabama Waffle House Staff Go Above and Beyond for High School Co-Worker Who Thought He\’d Miss His Graduation

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Waffle House Center Point, Alabama

Timothy Harrison was on the eve of graduating from high school last month — having finished up his course work — when he decided to take a job at the Waffle House in Center Point, Alabama. Shortly thereafter, he asked his co-workers if he could have the day off for his graduation, and of course they told him to go to his ceremony. But when the day of his commencement ceremony for students of Woodlawn High School arrived, Harrison reported to work, as Birmingham-based WVTM 13 originally reported.

His boss, Cedric Hampton, was quick to leap into action when he learned that Harrison had no way to make it to the venue for his graduation and he was unable to secure tickets for his family because he was busy with work and couldn't complete all the senior activities.

"I immediately say 'go home, get the paperwork and call the school and see what have to do to get your cap and gown,'" wrote Hampton on a Facebook post that has since received nearly 6,500 reactions. "At this point, some customers hear what's going on and decide to help as well. I call my assistant manager and tell her what's going and she says 'I'll be right there' even though it's her day off. Within the next 2 hours we were able to get his cap and gown, some clothes [and] make it clear across town in time for him to make his graduation."

Per WVTM 13, the team effort involved Shantana Blevins driving Harrison to his high school to get his cap and gown, Hampton and Chasadee Brown and Patricia Richardson buying Harrison new pants, a dress shirt, and a tie for commencement, and Hampton and a group of his friends getting Harrison all spiffed up for this special occasion.

The story gets even better: When Lawson State Community College heard about Harrison's story and the Waffle House crew banding together to ensure he made it to his graduation, they offered him free tuition and books.

If this isn't proof that some last-minute scrambling is always worth the effort, you've got us stumped. Congratulations, Mr. Harrison. Let's hear it for these kind colleagues at Waffle House, too.

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