Tuesday, April 23, 2024
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A New Look for Fibre

Fibre is one of the most basic elements of a healthy diet. A major building block of plants, fibre occurs naturally in fruits, vegetables, beans, legumes, and whole grains. If our diet includes a larg

Turn Hay Fever Into Spring Fever

Deal with a seasonal allergy by following our 10 tips for allergy relief.The arrival of spring heralds an annual rebirth. The softening earth releases the aroma of new life, the days lengthen, and the

The Benefits of Bountiful Garlic

The modest garlic clove is revered for both its culinary credentials and its health benefits. For centuries, garlic has been used as powerful medicine and a pungent flavour enhancer in many culinary t

A MAP for Crohn's Disease

In 1913 Scottish surgeon Thomas Kennedy Dalziel proposed that a bacteria called MAP could cause Crohn\'s disease. Could antibiotics help patients with Crohn\'s?Every time I arrive at my doctor’s office

Pump Up Your Iron

Iron deficiency anemia is the most common nutritional disorder in the world. Iron, an essential mineral for human health, is required for several vital functions, including carrying oxygen to the tiss


Chlorella is a little green algae, but it\'s one of nature\'s greatest superfoods. It\'s rich in protein, carotenoids and has a multitude of other health benefits.Chlorella is little green algae, but it’

9 Secrets of Natural Weight Loss

Our nine weight control tips offer natural weight control solutions to help you achieve your optimal weight.You may not have the metabolism of an ectomorph, but you can reach your optimal weight by ap

I Kept a Food Diary for Weeks—Here's What Happened

Ever tried to keep a record of everything you eat? Here\'s how doing so can help (and hinder) efforts to eat well.It all started with Harper’s Bazaar. I’m not a regular reader, but whenever I pick up a

The All-Star Vitamin That Might Help Stave Off Dementia

There is growing evidence that a vitamin B12 deficiency, which affects an estimated one-quarter of North Americans, plays a major role in the onset of dementia.If there is one disability that creates

A Registered Dietitian's Surprising Weight Loss Trick

The key to creating a healthy weight loss meal plan? Organization.When I talk to clients struggling to lose weight, I discover they are on track for weight loss three, four, five, or even six days of

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