Thursday, April 25, 2024
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Gail Johnson


BPA for Dinner?

You won\'t find many tinned foods in Rick Smith\'s pantryYou won\'t find many tinned foods in Rick Smith’s pantry. That’s because the executive director of Environmental Defence Canada and the father of

Seniors on the Go

By following simple health and nutrition tips, seniors can enjoy healthy aging.A couple of noon hours a week, George Martin can be found at a downtown Vancouver fitness class, balancing on top of a bi

St. John's Wort

After suffering from depression for years, Kelly Martin finally decided enough was enough. He dragged himself to his doctor’s office, and 10 minutes later the Calgary business manager walked away with

Deal Out Cancer

Perhaps no other illness strikes as much fear in people as cancer. While there aren\'t any guarantees to prevent cancer, diet and lifesytle changes can help.Perhaps no other illness strikes as much fea

Exploring Ayurveda

Balance is a modern-day buzzword when it comes to health and well-being, but in India the concept goes back millennia. Physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual equilibrium are at the core of Ayurved

Women's Reproductive Roadmap

Women\'s reproductive health is one of the most complex areas of well-being. From menstruation to menopause, women can experience an array of health issues.Of all the areas of well-being, women’s repro

Long Live Healthy Aging

Read the news, though, and instead of a positive spin on longevity you might catch yet another tale about how the aging of the baby boomers is doing nothing but straining publicly funded services.Shei

Not in Harmony

Natural health advocates say the harmonized sales tax will punish people who practise and promote preventive well-being.Next July Ontario and British Columbia will implement a new tax that will apply

Healing Cancer From Within

Integrated cancer care provided at Inspire Health combines natural approaches with traditional medical care.When Bob Wiens retired in 2005 at age 58, he had some specific goals in mind. He’d pursue hi


Hal Gunn was 17 when he started meditating. The doctor admits it was by fluke. That initial experience of mindful relaxation proved to be a turning point.Hal Gunn was 17 years old when he started medi

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