Thursday, April 25, 2024
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Load Up On These Canadian-Grown Summer Veggies

Keep an eye out for these Canadian-grown veggies at your local farmers\' markets this summer.The hot Canadian summer brings with it a tasty bounty of fresh veggies. Keep an eye out for these Canadian-g

Homemade and Man-Made

Get out of your man cave, grab a sharp knife and start up the fireGet out of your man cave, grab a sharp knife and start up the fire. Here are three dinner ideas to soothe the warrior’s heart. All thr

Add Some Excitement to Your Lunchtime with Mason Jar Salads

Enjoy a layered salad in a Mason jar for a fun and portable lunch on the go!Admit it, salads are kind of boring. Ordering a salad at a restaurant can be likened to renting a documentary: you know you

Protect your health and the environment by pledging to go meatless on Mondays

Pledging to cut out meat a mere one day per week can have significant effects on the environment, saving water, land, and energy.Although many of us have reduced or even eliminated our meat intake, fo

Order a healthier holiday-inspired coffee

Too many holiday-inspired coffees can leave us looking like Santa Claus ‘round the middle - and that doesn’t make us jolly in the least!For many North Americans, the holidays “begin” when a certain co

Meatless Mondays: we've got dinner figured out for you!

Meatless Mondays is an Earthsave Canada initiative encouraging individuals and families to eat meat-free every Monday.Last week we talked about Meatless Mondays, an Earthsave Canada initiative encoura

Celebrate Hot Tea Month!

It can be easy to get confused about the various types of tea - black tea, white tea, green tea, red tea … Here’s a simple lesson in Tea 101.Did you know that January is Hot Tea Month? And of course,

Eat Your Dessert … er Breakfast

Some kids’ breakfast cereals contain more sugar than a Hostess Twinkie. A new EWG report looks at 84 cereals - and doesn’t sugar coat its findings.Kids whose parents tell them, “No dessert until you e

Discover the Wonders of Watercress

Ancient Greeks believed it made them smarter and it has even been rumoured to cure a hangover. The health benefits of watercress have been revered for millenia.Irish monks considered it pure food for

A is for Antioxidants

A spate of research has found that antioxidants can help reduce the risk for a laundry list of ailments including diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.Labels on everything from chocolate bars to bottle

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