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Looking For Success? Step One: Believe in Yourself

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Looking For Success? Step One: Believe in Yourself

Sometimes we need to be our own champions – both for us and those around us.

What’s in a personality? For the career-minded, how we carry ourselves may play a significant role in achieving goals.

New research from the University of Melbourne suggests that self-confidence may be a significant key to success. The study comprised of 100 interviews of working professionals in Melbourne, Toronto, and New York. It examined the self-reported confidence levels of participants throughout their primary school, high school, and university experiences and present day. Researchers found that those who reported higher levels of confidence earlier in school tended to earn better wages and were more quickly promoted.

The findings may have implications for parents and classrooms. Dr Reza Hasmath, from the Melbourne University’s School of Social and Political Sciences, says, “We should stress confidence-building activities at an early age. Such activities should be strongly encouraged both in formal schooling and within the family unit.”

Researchers also identified that those who were doing well in the workplace were more likely to describe themselves as “extroverted,” “neurotic,” “open to experience,” and “agreeable.”

How does self-confidence play into our own workplace environments? Self-advocacy is a key component of building professional experience. If you’re feeling a bit stagnant in your workplace, try seeking out new projects or challenges that will help promote or develop some of your key strengths.

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