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Farmers are under great pressure to produce, but this doesn’t have to be at odds with environmental sustainability.In South America four million hectares of forest are cut down every year, creating a
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How to Help Baby Be More Alert

Unwrap the burrito! If Baby is swaddled, taking him out of the blanket is sure to wake him up because

Deal Out Cancer

Perhaps no other illness strikes as much fear in people as cancer. While there aren\'t any guarantees to prevent cancer, diet and lifesytle changes can help.Perhaps no other illness strikes as much fea

Does Buying Fair Trade and Organic Products Really Make a Difference?

A new study evaluates the efficacy of voluntary product certifications such as certified organic and certified fair trade.Yep.A new press report published by the London School of Economics (LSE) sugge

No Rest for the Dead…Battery

What to do with dead batteries? Eco-conscious consumers want to recycle whenever possible. And after 21 years even the Energizer Bunny is marching to a new beat.What to do with dead batteries? Eco-con

Packet Up

Parchment paper is a lean, mean, cooking machine. Also known as en papillote cooking, these recipes can elevate simply prepared foods to a new level.If you didn\'t know already, parchment paper is a le

Picnics & Potlucks

Using your head in soccer

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Cholesterol Truths

Managing cholesterol is a cornerstone of modern medical care. Patients will say, \"I have high cholesterol\" as if it is a disease, but it is not. High cholesterol is only one risk factor (and not a par

Tasty Ticker-Friendly Food

Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in adult Canadians. The good news about heart disease is that it is largely preventable.Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in adu

6 Ways to Bond With Baby

From a morning cuddle while feeding baby to a story before bed, there's opportunity to grab some qualit

Enjoy a Vegetarian Feast This Holiday Season

If your goal is to consume less meat this year, check out the following menu for a meat-free holiday feast.Oftentimes the star of our holiday feast is an oversized stuffed bird or a glazed ham. Howeve
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