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A few months ago, my husband and I saw an extremely intense (and unannounced) active shooting drill un

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New research suggests that lifting weights and other forms of resistance training may reduce cognitive impairment in women over 70 years of age.A new study led by University of BC physical therapy pro

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Follow these tips for holiday safety and keep the holidays the way they should be - fun and joyful!Last week we offered some tips to keep our favourite furry friends safe this holiday. Unfortunately,



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Cold sores pretty much suck. They're painful, they're ugly, and when it comes to newborn babies, t

Top 5 Reasons to Eat Organic

To celebrate Organic Week 2012 (September 22 to 29), we’re blogging about the top five reasons to eat organic.To celebrate Organic Week 2012 (September 22 to 29), we’re blogging about organics in Cana


What is feverfew? It is an attractive multiflowered daisy lookalike that may seem insignificannt but has the potential to relieve excruitiating migraines.Feverfew is an attractive multiflowered daisy

Consider a Life Coach

Whether it’s a career transition or simply rethinking some of your habits, learn how a life coach may help you determine your next steps.You’re looking for a new career but are confused by the options