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Alabama Teen Who Graduated High School Thanks to Waffle House Co-Workers Moves Into College Dorm

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Waffle House Center Point, Alabama

Four months after staff at the Waffle House in Center Point, Alabama, made headlines for helping their young co-worker attend his high school graduation, the "hard-working" teen has moved into his college dorm room.

This month, Cedric Hampton, the manager who went above and beyond to help Timothy Harrison walk across the stage back in May, moved him into his room at Lawson State Community College in Birmingham.

"Timothy is officially a full-time college student at Lawson State now. I had the pleasure of helping him move into his dorm yesterday and he is loving every part of college life and he is doing really well in his classes," Hampton wrote on Facebook this week. "I also would like to send a special shout-out to Dr. Keesha James. Dr. James is responsible for getting Tim his scholarship and has now become like a second mother to him and making sure he is staying so that he will successfully graduate in the upcoming years."

This heartwarming story began when when Harrison showed up for work on the day of his high school graduation, despite having asked for the day off to attend the ceremony. He was unable to get a ride to the event, or tickets for his family, so he decided to skip it and go to work instead.

Hampton was having none of it.

"I immediately say 'go home, get the paperwork, and call the school and see what have to do to get your cap and gown,'" he wrote on Facebook at the time. "At this point, some customers hear what's going on and decide to help as well. I call my assistant manager and tell her what's going on and she says 'I'll be right there' even though it's her day off. Within the next two hours we were able to get his cap and gown, some clothes [and] make it clear across town in time for him to make his graduation."

When nearby Lawson State Community College heard the story, they offered Harrison free tuition and books.

Now, he's a full-time student there.

Speaking with WTVM, Harrison revealed that he wanted to keep working at the Waffle House, but Hampton insisted that he focus on his schoolwork during the school year. Harrison will return to his job on breaks and during the summer.

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