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Mom Who Makes $150K a Month from OnlyFans Says Catholic School Expelled Her 3 Sons Because of Her Page

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crystal jackson

A California mom of three is speaking out after she says her three sons were expelled from their Catholic school due to her presence on the adult social platform OnlyFans.

Crystal Jackson tells PEOPLE she's been infuriated by the response to her OnlyFans photos, which were leaked to Sacred Heart Parish School in Sacramento by other parents and ultimately led to her three sons — ages 8, 10 and 12 — getting kicked out.

"My kids are really good and all this is doing is hurting them," Crystal, 44, says. "Take me down, that's fine, but leave my kids out of this."

"I didn't want to be put out there, but at some point, I have to stand up and say I can't take it anymore because this behavior is horrible," she adds.

When contacted by PEOPLE, Theresa Sparks, the principal at Sacred Heart Parish School, said she could not provide any information on the situation.

"We cannot discuss the status or circumstances of any member of our school or parish community," Sparks says.

crystal jackson

OnlyFans is a subscription-based platform where users can sell access to their photo and video content, some of which are explicit in nature.

Crystal says she and her husband of 14 years, Chris, turned to the platform in Sept. 2019 after experiencing marital problems that had them on the brink of divorce.

"I was missing that intimacy we had, and a lot of it was because I was going through menopause," she explains. "No matter what you do, you don't feel attracted or sexy… so we tried different things to spice up our marriage."

Though she was agreeable to using the platform, Crystal says she didn't think anyone would actually subscribe, arguing, "No one is gonna come see a mom, that's ridiculous."

But as it turns out, that "mom-next-door" image is exactly what appealed to her followers, Crystal says.

crystal jackson

Over the next few months, she watched as her risqué photos — only 20-30 percent of which she says are "tasteful" nudes — and pairing sexy stories brought in thousands of dollars.

"The first month was $14,000 and we were like, 'What!?'" Crystal recalls, noting that she and Chris now make $150,000 per month for daily photos and posts, all of which are "pretty tame" and do not include pornography.

"It's a way that I can work on our intimacy and I can live out my fantasies," she explains. "In doing these pictures, it gives you the self-confidence where I'm like, 'I do feel sexy again.'"

"It has made our relationship so much more better in the intimacy part and the bond of our marriage has gotten stronger," she adds.

In July, things became problematic for the couple when a dad from Sacred Heart Parish School stumbled upon Crystal's OnlyFans page, Crystal says. He told his wife, who eventually spread the news around the school.

Soon, Crystal says, a group of community moms went after her, bringing the photos to the school and relentlessly urging that her sons be kicked out.

crystal jackson

"Their whole strategy from day one was, 'I'm gonna take you down,'" she says. "It was gut-wrenching, having them send my photos to school saying, 'This is disgusting and this is gross.'"

"I don't put my site out there. You have to look for it. It's also not hurting anyone, and none of their business," she continues.

Crystal claims the groups of moms even went so far as to print all of her photos from OnlyFans and send them anonymously in a packet to the principal, bishop and church.

After learning of the packet, the Jacksons say they wrote a letter to the superintendent explaining the situation and offered to show the OnlyFans page to prove that Crystal's content was not pornographic, but never received a response.

"It was disheartening, especially because it was a very raw email and laid out all the reasons why we were doing this," the mom of three explains, adding that she was later removed as a second-grade class mom by the school following parent concerns.

Crystal Jackson

On Sunday evening, after months of controversy, Crystal says she received an email that stated her sons were officially expelled.

The mom notes that her sons are "upset" about the decision but do not know specifics around the situation other than "mom is a big internet model."

She also claims the school said they are changing their handbook to include a part about how "any parent who is involved in a site or blog that goes against teachings of the church and school philosophy must be removed."

"We are an average couple just living our lives but this whole mentality of harassing a mom to get her kids out of school, I have a hard time wrapping my head around that," she explains.

In the wake of their kids' expulsion, Crystal says she and Chris are looking into different schools for their sons, but will likely put them in public school.

"Our goal is to put them back in Catholic school but I don't see that happening. They won't allow them in this diocese, and is this really the place for them to be?" she explains. "It's clear that they said we don't want you."

She also hopes her story will encourage women to be kinder to one another and to treat others the way they want to be treated.

"In the year 2021, here we are, trying to bring a woman down for her choices and what she does with her husband," Crystal says. "It's body shaming and bullying all encompassed into one and it's such a double standard and disturbing."

"I've never gone in other people's business and I'm not judging you for your choices," she adds. "If women could just support each other, the world would be such a better place."

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