Monday, April 22, 2024
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Michelle Hancock


Nutrients In the News

Adverse reactions to vitamins C and D can be avoided. Make sure you understand all of the information before purchasing a natural health product or a drug.There have been 32 adverse reactions to vitam

Celebrating National Nutrition Month

\"How are you going to observe National Nutrition Month\"? The question, posed to a group of successful, health-oriented women in an informal poll, drew conversation to a halt. Susan, a full-time writer

Cancer has Many Stories

Cancer is just a word; it\'s not a sentence. The survivor stories from these four people who\'ve taken this phrase to heart are humbling and inspiring.Cancer is just a word; it’s not a sentence. Intervi

Dementia: A Loving Tribute

As dementia advances, plaques or tiny deposits in the brain become toxic and cause cell death and decline, creating symptoms such as loss of memory, judgment, and reasoning, and changes in mood, behav

Canada's Natural Health Industry

Twenty years ago a natural health aficionado typically frequented one-stop shops that sold everything - herbs, cosmetics, bulk foods, and a few trusted vitamin lines. But the past two decades have see

Natural Health

Financial forecasts from many sectors of the Canadian economy have been gloomy of late. But to some in the natural health industry, the future is bright.Financial forecasts from many sectors of the Ca

Get Your Digestion on Tract

They live among us, unseen but always active. They are probiotics - and their presence in the gut is one of the components crucial to good digestive health.They live among us—billions of them—unseen b

Demystifying Detox

Spring is a season of renewal and rejuvenation. It?s also the perfect time to detoxify your body. If you?re wondering what benefits a detox can provide for you, allow us to clarify the process.Spring

Preserving Biodiversity

Rising food costs and an imminent food crisis are headline news. What can we do to sustain a healthy global food supply, and what role can biodiversity play?There isn’t a person among us who isn’t aff

Waste Not, Want Not

How’s your fridge today? To find out, take the Crisper Challenge, which is so easy anyone can do it.Step one: open your fridge.Step two: pull out everything fresh.Step three: any older items worth sal

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