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6 Special Ways to Celebrate Grandparents

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6 Special Ways to Celebrate Grandparents - 15901

6 Special Ways to Celebrate Grandparents

Ask anyone to recall their most treasured childhood memories, and you’re likely to hear tales about time spent with loved ones, grandparents in particular. As an adult, you may find yourself wondering how to help your kids create those magical moments with their grandparents. However, strengthening their bond with a beloved grandparent may be easier than you think.

Take a trip back in time. Asking your grandparents about the good ol’ days may seem cliche, but it’s a wonderful way to discover new reasons to appreciate your elders as unique individuals with intriguing perspectives. Encourage your kids to ask their grandparents what life was like during their youth or how they imagined life in the 2020s would be. They can compare notes on their bucket lists; they might even find something to cross off the list together. If you share a love of history, talk through the family tree and capture all the stories that define your family through the years.

Share a meal or dessert. It may seem like a small gesture but making a point to share a meal or dessert with a grandparent, especially one who lives alone, can have a marked impact. In a comfortable, family setting like Cracker Barrel, you can gather together over authentic homestyle cooking while using the time for your kids to catch up with their grandparents and share stories. End the night with a classic, kid-friendly favorite like a Dirt Cup Dessert. Spar with spoons and hunt for all the gummy worms hiding in the delicious cup of cookie crumble “dirt.”

Hit the road together. It’s often said that there’s no better way to get to know a person than to travel together. Pick a new place and make it an adventure to remember for your kids and their grandparents. Map out the route together as a family, choosing the landmarks, activities and pitstops you want to make along the way. Be sure to document the journey as a precious keepsake for yourself and your kids, and package those memories in a photobook or scrapbook as a gift for the next birthday or holiday.

Create a care package. If distance keeps you apart, you can still find creative ways for your children to spend time with their grandparents. Assemble a package with some of their favorite treats, mementos, activities or games from your local old country store and plan to open the package together virtually on a phone call or video chat.

Relax in a rocker. Settling into a comfy seat and rocking your cares away only gets better when you share the moment with someone dear to your heart. Gather your kids to sit back, relax and enjoy a thoughtful conversation with their grandparents while soaking up the time and simply unwinding together.

Engage in a little friendly contest. Tap into your children’s playful side and competitive spirit with some good-natured game time. Help them choose an easy but engaging game, like the beloved peg game found on tables at Cracker Barrel, to share with their grandparents. Play best of five or create a tournament and play rounds against other family members, too.

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