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How to Travel with Baby in the Car

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Prep the car. Make sure your vehicle is safe and ready for the long ride. Fill up the tank with gas, check the tire pressure, change the oil if needed — the last thing you want is to break down with your baby in tow.

Pack wisely. Besides the usual baby stuff you'll need during the trip (diapers, wipes, etc.), bring along a change of clothes, a blanket/lovey (or anything that helps baby sleep well), snacks, and a trash bag to toss things like dirty diapers and empty cups.

Bring a first-aid kit. Of course, you don't want any mishaps to occur, but it's always wise to be prepared just in case. Take along any prescription medications that your baby requires, baby Tylenol in case a fever occurs or baby is teething, diaper rash treatment, and, of course, bandages and first aid ointment.

Focus on entertainment. You want to keep Baby happy during this trip to avoid on-the-road meltdowns. Bring her favorite toys and books, but don't let her have all of them at once. Instead, give them to her one at a time so when she gets bored with one toy, you can simply hand her a new one. Older babies and toddlers might enjoy watching their favorite shows on a portable DVD player.

Make baby comfortable. Strap your little one into his car seat (always placed in the back seat) correctly to ensure a safe and comfy ride. You might want to get window shades to protect baby from the sun.

Map out your rest stops. No one likes to be cooped up in a car for too long, so be prepared to stop every couple of hours so Baby has a chance to get out of the car seat. You might even want to schedule your stops around baby's feedings to make planning easier.

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