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Toxins Found in Men's Skin Care Products

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Toxins Found in Men\'s Skin Care Products

Environmental Defence is examining toxins in men’s personal care products. So guys – listen up!

Women’s skin care products and cosmetics have been getting a lot of attention these days, for containing potentially harmful ingredients. Now the Environmental Defence is turning the tables by examining toxins in men’s personal care products. So guys—listen up!

While men may not use as many skin, body, and hair care products as women, this doesn’t mean they’re dodging sketchy ingredients and potential carcinogens. The Canadian environmental action organization Environmental Defence investigated the skin care products used by five men across the country. A total of 17 products were analyzed, including the staples: shampoo, deodorants, shaving creme, and aftershave.

The Environmental Defence found that of the 17 products:

  • four contained likely human carcinogens
  • five contained ingredients “ known to harm male reproductive health,” by causing sperm damage for example
  • 10 contained artificial musks, some of which may act as hormone disruptors

Often, the long-term implications of using these products are unknown, as are the effects of combining them.

Choose your products wisely

  • Avoid artificial fragrance, which often contains phthalates—chemicals that can act as hormone disruptors.
  • Shop at natural health retailers, where staff can direct you to toxin-free alternatives to the conventional stuff.
  • When possible, use fewer products.

Take a stand
View the Environmental Defence’s full report online, and while you’re at it, sign the Environmental Defence’s petition “Tell Canada to Take Toxic Ingredients Out of Body Care Products.”

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