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It's Time to Get your Garden Ready!

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It\'s Time to Get your Garden Ready!

It’s time to give our home gardens a little TLC, so we’ve compiled our best gardening advice.

Now that it’s May and we’re finally encountering some warmer weather, it’s time to give our home gardens a little TLC. And since we know that after a long winter it can be a bit daunting getting started, we’ve compiled our best gardening articles in this blog post. Happy gardening!

The basics
Every gardener needs to go through these key steps.

Prepare your garden for growing
This means paying attention to healthy soil and compost.

Choose what to plant
Depending on your personal preference, your space requirements, and the environment your garden is in (factoring in sunlight and wind), the plants you choose to grow may be different. Follow these tips and you won’t be scratching your head at the garden supply store.

Control pests
Some insects are a gardener’s friend, and others are a gardener’s worst nightmare. These articles will help you learn the difference between the two, and tell you how to deal with the latter, naturally.

Extra advice
Do either of these two concerns sound familiar to you?

Gardening with a small yard, or no yard at all
No space? No problem! It’s still possible to grow your own food if you follow this advice.

Gardening with seasonal allergies
Are allergies keeping you away from your beloved veggie garden or potted flowers? These easy tips will have you back digging in the dirt in no time.

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