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It's National Wildlife Week

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It\'s National Wildlife Week

It’s National Wildlife Week across Canada! Learn about some of the issues facing Canadian wildlife and how you can get involved.

It’s National Wildlife Week across Canada!

Sponsored by the Canadian Wildlife Federation (which celebrates its 50th anniversary this year) and in cooperation with provincial and territorial governments, as well as the Canadian Wildlife Service, National Wildlife Week is meant to commemorate the natural wilderness Canada boasts, and all of the creatures that live here. Of course, a major focus of the week is conservation efforts.

Learn about issues facing Canadian wildlife

  • Discover why biodiversity is essential to our health and the health of our environment (and even our economy!).
  • Learn about current climate changes, such as melting Arctic Sea ice, how they affect wildlife such as harp seals and polar bears, and how you can become an eco-activist.
  • Find out how to choose sustainable seafood and protect the creatures off Canada’s coasts.

Celebrate National Wildlife Week!

  • A great way to begin to celebrate National Wildlife Week is simply to get outdoors and spend time appreciating nature. Research shows that spending time in nature (what the Japanese call “forest bathing”) can restore our minds and improve our overall health.
  • Check out the Canadian Wildlife Federation’s Walk for Wildlife event. 
  • Also check out Robert Bateman’s Get to Know Contest, which encourages young people to learn about Canadian wildlife.

Learn about some endangered species with our Wildlife Wednesday blog posts

  • Sumatran tigers
  • Leatherback sea turtles
  • Przewalski\’s horse
  • Vancouver Island marmot
  • Orangutans
  • Laysan duck
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