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Celebrate Healthy Relationships this Valentine's Day

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Celebrate Healthy Relationships this Valentine\'s Day

Whether or not you’re in a romantic relationship, Valentine’s Day can offer a chance to celebrate and nurture healthy relationships.

Let’s be honest, February can be a depressing month. It’s the very middle of winter, when the holidays seemed like ages ago, and summer seems too far off to be real. So Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to get excited about something.

The myth is that it’s all about romantic love—it’s not. Social connections such as friends and family offer a multitude of health benefits. So regardless of whether it’s romantic love, family, friends, or even pets, there’s a lot to celebrate this February 14.

Romantic love
Being in a positive relationship triggers healthy neuro-hormonal changes that may benefit the heart. On the flip side, however, being in a negative relationship may have the opposite effect on the heart.

Nurture a healthy relationship with effective communication techniques.

Family and friends
Your family and close friends likely know the most about you and get you like no one else. That may be why they’re also able to get under your skin the most! However, they can be the most rewarding relationships. Studies show that friendship offers a protective role, especially for the most vulnerable members of society, such as teenagers and seniors.

This Valentine’s Day, why not call up a friend and do something fun—it can be as simple as going out for coffee and chatting, or trying a yoga class. And if you’re looking to meet new people and make new friends, try these 20 ways to make new friends.

Years’ worth of studies about the benefits of owning pets have shown that pets can encourage healthy habits, lower stress levels, and may even help to lessen mild to moderate depression.

No pets? Show some love for our furry friends by volunteering at a shelter.

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