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Recycle Your Christmas Tree

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Recycle Your Christmas Tree

Every year, we\’re faced with a few options for disposing of our Christmas tree – here are the best ones.

It’s always a sad day when we take down the Christmas tree and finally wave goodbye to the holidays for another year. Here’s how to dispose of it properly.
Fake tree
If you have a fake tree things are simple—just pack it up in a box. But remember that it takes 20 years for a fake tree to become better than a real tree—from a climate change perspective. (This estimate doesn’t take into consideration the concerns with the chemicals used to make a fake tree). Artificial trees may only be designed to last six to 10 years, depending on the kind, so be sure to keep it for as long as possible.
Also remember to keep it in a clean, dry, cool location so it won’t grow mold.
When it does come time to get rid of your artificial tree, recycling is not an option, and incinerating releases toxins into the air. Unfortunately, the only option is a landfill, which isn’t green in the slightest!
Natural tree
Of course, the best option is to buy a living tree that you can plant afterwards. If you chose a cut tree, here are your options:

  • Best choice: local curbside pick-up programs

This is an environmentally friendly option organized by your city, where the trees are often made into mulch for parks, gardens, and public spaces. Make sure to check with your city to see when their curbside pick-up dates are, or whether there is a drop-off location instead.

  • Other alternatives

The Canadian Christmas Tree Growers Association recommends starting a recycling program in your area if there isn’t one already—so become a Christmas tree activist! They also suggest using your tree for firewood (by first chopping it into small pieces).
Remember to remove all decorations, tinsel, and lights before getting rid of your tree!

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