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Wrap It Up

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Wrap It Up

Don’t let your boring turkey sandwich get you down. Try a wrap for an easy, delicious, and portable meal!

Don’t let your boring turkey sandwich get you down. Try a wrap! They’re easy, portable, and you can use pretty much whatever you’ve got sitting in your fridge!

It’s no secret that you can do things with wraps that you just can’t do with sandwiches. Maybe it’s the enclosed nature of the wrap. Whether you had Mexican rice, stewed lentils, or even stir-fried veggies for dinner, you can fill a wrap with your leftovers and you’re good to go. Imagine a stir-fry sandwich—not so enticing!

Unfortunately, wraps have developed a bad reputation in today’s carb- and fat-fearing society. The problem with a lot of wraps (specifically store-bought and fast food wraps) is that they tend to be loaded with calories—and not the good kind. However, we can make a healthy (and delicious) wrap that meets all the requirements of a nutritious, balanced meal—just keep the following tips in mind.

  • Choose the healthiest, grainiest, seediest wrap possible. Or try one of our bread-free suggestions  below.
  • Load up on veggies.
  • Include a lean, high quality protein.
  • Go easy on the high-calorie condiments such as mayonnaise and creamy dressings.

Choosing a healthier wrap
We know that choosing bread products can be exceptionally confusing, and wraps are no exception. At the very minimum, choose a whole wheat wrap, but whole grain is even better. (To learn more about food claims, check out our recent blog series.) Compare the Nutrition Labels of different brands to find a product with the least salt and sugar and a fibre content of at least 2 grams per wrap.

Skip the bread altogether
Not feeling the bread? No problem! Substitute wraps for organic collard greens, cabbage, iceberg or other lettuces, rice papers, organic corn tortillas, potato skins, or nori.

Wrap-tastic fillings
Now it’s time to decide what to put in your wrap. Try out one of these tasty combos!

  • Grilled organic chicken breast with Greek salad and feta
  • Mashed chipotle-infused white beans with spinach, artichoke hearts, and roasted red peppers
  • Sliced veggies such as cucumber, bell pepper, and avocado; shredded carrots and beets; and chickpea hummus
  • Marinated Tofu with bok choy and peanut sauce
  • Peanut butter, banana, and granola
  • Scrambled eggs with veggies, cheese, and salsa
  • Wild salmon with cucumber, Greek yogourt, and capers
  • Teriyaki tofu with roasted red pepper, arugula, and goat cheese
  • Leftover turkey with stuffing, cranberry sauce, and mixed baby greens

What’s your favourite filling?

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