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Weekend Warriors

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Weekend Warriors

Many men lead a double life. Tough physical weekend activities are at odds with their sedentary desk jobs. To cope, we outline the best health supplements for men.

The pendulum that swings from brain to brawn has taken a noticeable shift toward cognitive effort as opposed to manual labour over the past century, with a large percentage of men working at sedentary office jobs.

Weekend to-do lists range from reliving glory days on the gridiron or hockey rink to tackling that overdue renovation project. The popular mantra for achieving athletic excellence of years gone by—no pain, no gain—need not apply to the 21st-century man.

Weekend warrior

We can achieve top form to weather the weekends through maintaining an active lifestyle, thus preparing ourselves for the increased stress we occasionally expose our bodies to. Another critical factor involves proper nutrition.

Since we can’t always depend on our diet to provide optimal levels of nutrition, the first form of defence the body needs to respond to physical stress can be provided by vitamin and mineral supplements.

  • Adequate vitamin C promotes collagen production for healthy connective tissue and arterial elasticity.
  • An abundant supply of sodium and potassium will ensure efficient respiration at the cellular level.
  • Minerals such as magnesium regulate absorption and release of calcium from the musculoskeletal system.
  • Often overlooked by men is the importance of strong bones. Choose a calcium supplement with maximum bioavailability for efficient absorption.

Monday Monday

All good intentions aside, some degree of pain and inflammation can make you feel twice your age the morning following your weekend of wood-splitting or that old-timer’s hockey tournament.

There are several natural herbs and enzymes that can alleviate the inflammation that may lead to a slow and painful recovery.

  • Serratiopeptidase is a proteolytic enzyme that was first isolated as the enzyme that enables silkworms to break down their cocoon and commence their next life cycle. This enzyme’s ability to break down the cellular debris at inflammation sites may make it useful for easing the pain associated with inflammation.
  • Bromelain, derived from pineapple, is a naturally sourced enzyme that mitigates inflammatory response. The enzyme regulates prostaglandin production, which increases the sensitivity of nerve endings that cause pain.
  • Lotions containing extracts from Arnica montana (sunflower family) and calendula (marigold family), which both contain helenalin to stimulate blood flow to damaged tissue and to speed healing, can provide natural topical relief. Manage those aches and pains naturally—you’ve earned them.
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