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Top 5 Reasons to Eat Organic

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Top 5 Reasons to Eat Organic

To celebrate Organic Week 2012 (September 22 to 29), we’re blogging about the top five reasons to eat organic.

To celebrate Organic Week 2012 (September 22 to 29), we’re blogging about organics in Canada. Today we’re listing the top 5 reasons to eat organic.

  1. Our health: organic products do not use toxic and potentially harmful chemicals, such as pesticides and herbicides. A recent Canadian literature review warned against these chemicals and their health consequences, especially for children.
  2. Our environment: organic practices aim to work with nature rather than against it, and they value sustainability. According to Organic Week, “The farmers who produce organic products use sustainable practices to work in harmony with nature; conserving our water resources, promoting biodiversity, building healthy and fertile land that can provide for future generations, and utilizing agriculture methods that significantly reduce pollution and wasted energy.”
  3. The Canadian economy and local farmers: organic farming is a growing and flourishing market in Canada—in fact, it’s the fastest growing segment of Canadian agriculture!
  4. Quality: many individuals and chefs value organics because they taste amazing!
  5. More accountability and fewer unknowns: when we buy organic products, we know that the foods are produced without toxic chemicals, but consumers can also be assured that they are produced without:
  • genetically modified organisms (GMOs)
  • synthetic growth hormones or antibiotics
  • fertilizers made from fossil fuels
  • additives such as aspartame; MSG; nitrates; artificial colours; flavours, and preservatives
  • irradiation

To learn more about Organic Week and why organics are a smart choice, visit Organic Week’s website. And stay tuned for more Organic Week coverage throughout the week!

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