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Supplement Sunday

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Supplement Sunday

Men require supplements geared to their special health issues.

The third Sunday of June marks one of those arbitrary days of acknowledgement. It creates a frenzy of stereotypical gift shopping for someone who insists all they want is to be surrounded by their loved ones for a backyard barbecue.

Even though many dads are clear about not wanting money spent on new and improved versions of items they’re already content with, most of us don’t listen, and we spend our dollars to celebrate this important occasion.

A different approach

Just like the contemporary mother, the modern dad juggles the demands of career and parenthood, often at the expense of his own nutritional needs. Why not show your love with an assortment of supplements that show Dad you want to celebrate this non-holiday for many years to come.

Remember that men don’t like to talk about health issues; we must pay attention to statistics and read their minds. The gift of a supplement containing saw palmetto and rye flower pollen extract will address the symptoms of benign prostate hyperplasia (enlarged prostate) and might elicit a polite laugh. Don’t be surprised if, a month later, he discreetly asks you where you bought them because he has a friend who would like some.

A chance to detoxify

Men, and fathers in particular, may like to indulge in a cold beer, so the gift of a supplement to help liver function may be in order. Look for a formula that includes curcumin and the natural restorative power of silymarin extract from the milk thistle plant. The detoxifying effects of a quality liver product may even give his neglected skin a healthy glow.

A reason to remember

Have you ever joked about how forgetful fathers may be and how they always defer to others for important dates and anniversaries? There are numerous supplements available to improve cognitive function and sharpen memory.

In traditional Chinese medicine, extracts from the leaves of the ginkgo tree have a long history of use for boosting cognitive function. Look for huperzine A, an extract from Chinese clubmoss (Lycopedium), and the amino acid l-theanine in products targeting overall mental acuity and memory enhancement. Huperzine has been shown to prevent the breakdown of acetylcholine, a chemical vital to memory.

A healthy heart

Cardiovascular health is critical for men as they approach their forties. Supplements that feature phytosterols and guggul may provide natural alternatives to statin drugs that promote a healthy blood lipid profile.

Good luck with finding that ideal gift, and if the concept of selecting a perfect supplement is too daunting a task, ask for advice from your natural health retailer or simply choose a comprehensive multivitamin that may open the door for future wellness initiatives.

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