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Simply Rawsome!

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Simply Rawsome!

The warm summer months are ideally suited to starting your raw food adventure. Try out these raw food recipes and carve your path towards a healthy raw diet.

The warm summer months are ideally suited to starting your raw food adventure with the season’s cornucopia of colourful fruits and vegetables. Eating more raw vegetables or adopting an entirely raw diet will give you an enormous boost in energy.

Learning the basic principles behind eating raw will allow you to combine leafy greens, fruits, herbs, and berries in a variety of snacks and meals that are quick to prepare and surprisingly delicious. And when you eat nutrient-dense food, you are satisfied with smaller helpings. It’s also an ideal diet for those with dairy and gluten sensitivities.

Eating an unheated, unprocessed, plant-based diet is catching the imagination of busy moms, athletes, students, and executives all over North America. Those on raw food diets report spontaneous weight loss, better digestion, and improved elimination.

Embarking on your own raw food adventure one step at a time will soon convince you that eating healthy is simply delicious and is easily integrated into our busy lives. Eating fresh, organic foods that are loaded with vitamins will provide benefits beyond your wildest imagination.


  • Zucchini Pasta with Marinated Cherry Tomatoes and Pesto
  • Beet Burgers
  • Curried Spinach with Cashews

How Sweet It Is

Many raw food chefs do not use honey, as it is not strictly vegan, and use stevia or raw agave nectar instead. Honey is a treasure worth accepting from the busy bees. Just keep in mind how many wing beats it took to produce a spoonful of liquid sweetness.

Healthy Dessert Toping

Raw cashews are a good source of copper, magnesium, and phosphorus. Soaked in orange juice for two hours they will easily blend into a great-tasting whipped-cream-like topping.

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