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Saturday, May 12 is Give Your Stuff Away Day

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Saturday, May 12 is Give Your Stuff Away Day

Want to declutter and get rid of unused items? Bring them to your curb this Saturday, May 12 for Give Your Stuff Away Day!

Who knew there could be a day that celebrates giving away your possessions? But it just makes sense; so many of us are overloaded with clutter, whether it’s that certain kitchen drawer, the closet, those shelves in the basement, or perhaps the entire garage. Most of this stuff we never end up using, when it may just be the exact thing our neighbour or friend has a use for and is considering purchasing.

Give Your Stuff Away Day is a North Chili, New York Initiative. It aims to break the cycle of hoarding this Saturday (May 12) by encouraging people to bring their unused (but useable) things to the curb where they can be picked up by others, benefitting those struggling in the current economy, as well as the environment. According to its website, “It will help millions of people, while reducing clutter. It will spark more giving and less hoarding. It will reduce landfills and lower municipal hauling costs.”

Acceptable items include toys, appliances and electronics, clothes, shoes, books, musical instruments, furniture, and yard equipment.

If you wish to take part, be sure to follow the guidelines listed on their website.

Obey local regulations and laws (keep in mind that these may be different here in Canada, as the initiative is US-based).

  • Place only the allowed items on your curb.
  • Do not put out trash or recyclables.
  • Do not donate recalled products (again, keep in mind that these may be different here in Canada).
  • Do not put dangerous or illegal items on your curb.
  • Be careful driving that weekend, as many drivers will be frequently stopping.
  • Retrieve what’s left over when the day is over.

To find out more about Give Your Stuff Away Day, check out their website.

And for more tips on how to declutter and create a healthy living environment, check out our recent article “Let Go of Clutter.”

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