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Canadian Government Weakens Environmental Protection by Passing Bill C-38

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Canadian Government Weakens Environmental Protection by Passing Bill C-38

Even after the successful Black Out Speak Out awareness campaign by Canadian environmental groups, Bill C-38 was passed.

“Bad laws won’t silence us.”

That’s the Environmental Defence’s response to the passage of Bill C-38, which Canadian environmental groups say will weaken environmental laws and put our shared ecosystems at risk for generations to come.

Many of the responses from other environmental groups have been similar, explaining that although they are disappointed with the decision and the bill will make it more difficult for them to do their jobs of protecting the environment, they will continue their fight.

A recent post on Ecojustice’s website, for instance, states that “Our elected officials have a responsibility to ensure that as we develop as a country, we do it in a way that conserves the nature we all rely on. And not just for today, but for future generations too. No matter what happens with Bill C-38, we will continue to hold them to it.”

Many environmental organizations increased awareness of Bill C-38 by participating in the recent Black Out Speak Out campaign. Read our blog post about the campaign, which includes details about what the bill will mean for Canada. Plus, you can check out the press release from Black Out Speak Out here.

What can you do to help?

  • Support an environmental organization of your choice, through donations or by volunteering your time.
  • Continue to write to Canadian government leaders, as well as your local MPs, so they know that the environment is a priority of Canadians.
  • Adopt eco-friendly actions in your everyday life.
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