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10 Reasons You Should Go Veg (At Least Once A Week)

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10 Reasons You Should Go Veg (At Least Once A Week)

This week the UK celebrates National Vegetarian Week, so we’re giving you 10 reasons to go vegetarian (at least once a week).

This week the UK celebrates National Vegetarian Week, so to show our support to our veg friends across the pond we’re giving you 10 reasons to go vegetarian (at least once a week).

  1. You’ll reduce your intake of toxins. The majority of animals raised and processed in factory farms are riddled with antibiotics and toxins. Dioxins, which are a byproduct of pesticides and fertilizers and are known carcinogens, are found in the fat stores of animals. They are also detected in the people who eat these animals.
  2. You’ll live longer. According to news sources, recent research shows that vegetarian men reduce their risk of early mortality by 50 percent and women by 30 percent.
  3. You’ll reduce your risk of chronic disease. A vegetarian diet has been shown to reduce the risk of countless chronic illnesses such as cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. Red meat consumption in particular has been shown to be especially bad for us, increasing the risk of colorectal cancer.
  4. You’ll save money. According to Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Canadians spent $11 billion on meat and meat-containing foods in 2003 alone. Know how many lentils you can buy with that money? A whole heck of a lot!
  5. You’ll reduce your carbon footprint. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations states that “livestock production is one of the major causes of the world\’s most pressing environmental problems, including global warming, land degradation, air and water pollution, and loss of biodiversity.” By preparing more vegetarian meals we can do our part to reduce the demand in our current supply/demand model.
  6. You’ll take a stand against animal cruelty. Most animals raised in factory farms live in deplorable conditions: they are confined to small cages, not allowed to exercise or socialize, and often sit in their own filth. Again, by reducing our meat consumption we also reduce the industry’s need to produce cheap meat fast and efficiently, thereby increasing the quality of life of livestock.
  7. You’ll join the likes of famous vegetarians such as Shania Twain, Sir Paul McCartney, Natalie Portman, Eddie Vedder, and Forest Whitaker. You can practically say you’re friends!
  8. You’ll be more conscious about the food you consume. Having a semi-restrictive diet may lead us to be more conscious of the food we do consume. We may ask ourselves: “Where did this food come from?”, “Will it fuel my body or make me feel lethargic?”, “Do I actually feel hungry or am I just bored?”.
  9. You’ll reduce your risk of being overweight. Recent research cites that vegetarian men weigh on average 7.6 kg less and vegetarian women weigh 3.3 kg less than meat-eaters. Further, vegetarian children are generally leaner and stay leaner into adolescence.
  10. It’s so easy! Swapping out meat is simple and inexpensive. Is spaghetti and meat sauce a regular meal in your house? Skip the ground beef and instead use a soy-based ground “beef” alternative or a can of rinsed chickpeas. Experiment with tofu and other meatless proteins, and cook beans—lots of beans.
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