Saturday, April 13, 2024
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Melissa Willets


This May Be the Ultimate Secret to Calming a Crying Baby

One doctor thinks he knows the secret to calming a crying baby. The technique is called \"The Hold,\" and Dr.

Does Your Baby Have Eczema? The Water in Your Home Could Be to Blame

Eczema is a chronic, itchy skin rash that typically develops within the first six months of life, acco

Kangaroo Care Isn’t Just for Moms—See This Father and Son Cuddling Newborn Twins

But now, a photo of a father and his son cuddling newborn twins on their chests is winning the hearts of Int

These Shocking Photos Show Just How Horrible Meningitis Can Be

I'm paralyzed with fear imagining what British mom Terri Lewsley went through when her 8-month-old son

C-Section Babies May Benefit From a Simple Swab

It has long concerned doctors and mothers alike that babies delivered via C-section do not receive the

Miracle Baby Born With 80 Percent of His Brain Missing Turns 2

One Florida family is celebrating a birthday for a baby who wasn't supposed to live to 2 years old. You

Postpartum Psychosis: A Guide for New Parents

Most women are familiar with postpartum depression, which is characterized by intense feelings of sadness that s

We Continue to Learn More Ways Zika Can Harm Babies

File this under \"things you wish weren't true.\" A new study published in the U.S. Centers for Disease C

What Parents Need to Know About the Child Who Died Under Dental Anesthesia

You may have read about Texas 14-month-old Daisy Lynn Torres, who passed away under anesthesia during a dent

Babies With Whooping Cough May Have This Terrifying Symptom Instead of Coughing

An Australian mom Sandra Tee, took to social media to share her infant daughter's experience with

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