Tuesday, April 23, 2024
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Aurélie Paré


Diabetes-Friendly Desserts

People with diabetes can still enjoy an occassional treat, such as the following diabetes dessert recipes which are low in fat and sugar free and high in fibre.Many seem to believe that people with di

Cookie Makeover

Our vegan cookie recipes are made with whole wheat flour and dried fruit purées. Even nonvegans will want to try their hand at vegan baking.The typical cookie is loaded with refined flour, sugar, and

Healthy Finger Foods for the Holidays

Holiday party recipes are usually loaded with simple carbohydrates, high sodium, and saturated fat. Say no and prepare the following easy holiday appetizers.Holiday party food is usually loaded with s

Kid-friendly Breakfasts

Most parents know the importance of breakfast and encourage their kids to eat healthy each morning. So try these healthy kids breakfasts and watch them grow.Most parents know the importance of breakfa

Delicious Holiday Treats

The holidays are a time of celebration when even those with special dietary needs can enjoy a sweet holiday treat or an allergen-free dessert.The holidays are a time of celebration when even those wit

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